GCSE French Classes in Rossendale

GCSE French group tuition – Work Towards a 9!

You are preparing for the French GCSE in Rossendale or East Lancashire.

Work towards a 9 (or equivalent) in your French exam with our small group classes that are tailored to GCSE.

Here’s why you should work with me:
– with small groups limited to 3 students, my classes offer the ideal setting for individual feedback and rapid progress.
– sessions are led by a qualified French native teacher with an excellent grasp of the latest GCSE specification and over 20 years of teaching experience
– with my classes, you will gain
– extra confidence in your ability to speak French
– greater fluency and accuracy in the use of the language
– all lessons are recorded – for easy catch-up, revision, and for your peace of mind. Recordings are only accessible via a student log in to the online classroom and are permanently deleted after every half term.

Why my students excel in their French exams:
I will tailor texts and grammar exercises relevant to your exam, run through past papers provided by your exam board to explain typical questions and requirements and give you advice on how to achieve full marks in all parts of your exam.

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GCSE French Classes girl learning with thumbs up


Thanks for another superb lesson on Zoom, I'm just starting to copy the whole of the lesson, which you kindly send by email, out in my exercise book, which in effect gives me two lessons in one. I was slightly apprehensive about having my lessons on Zoom due to Covid 19, but it's not the case. It's easy & very constructive. 

Michael Concannon

French was a subject I really struggled with at school. Thanks to your teaching methods I have made great progress and feel a lot more confident when I have to speak French on holidays.

Michelle Turner

Just to let you know Peter has had his A-level results today. I am really pleased to say that he got an A for his French A-level!

Helen Kendall

I can’t think of an area of French which my lessons have not helped to improve. However, I think that my grammar and my pronunciation have probably seen the most improvement. Now I am also much better at ‘sounding more French’- avoiding too literal translations which don’t make sense and even learning some idioms. Occasionally you even help me with English spelling and grammar. As it is your first language, obviously the ‘rules’ of French are instinctive for you, however you really know how to explain everything to me from an English perspective and are extremely patient. I appreciate how focused and thorough you are. I feel that we accomplish a lot in each session and you always listen to what I need and tailor our lessons to suit that. I like that alongside my work, I always have my ‘verbs and vocabulary’ file open, to which I add the new vocabulary and grammar that I come across in whatever exercise we are doing. These make great revision aids towards exam time. I think lessons on Skype are great. Firstly, it is thanks to Skype that I have the opportunity to have tutoring with you at all, as we live in different cities. Secondly, I think that using Skype is a very efficient and convenient way of tutoring. The ‘share screen’ function allows you to see my work at the same time as me so you can check and critique everything as we go along. Using the computer also allows us to access online resources during the lesson- such as listening exercises and online newspapers ect. As a bonus, you have also taught me lots of ICT tips and tricks.

Charlotte Stella

Your French tutor:

My name is Carole Palfreman. I am a native French teacher from Le Havre, Normandy. I have been teaching since 1999. I hold Qualified Teacher Status from Southampton University. I spent 8 years in the Southampton area teaching IT and Spanish before doing a little tour of Europe starting with 2 years in Switzerland teaching French in a language school there and spending 4 years north of Frankfurt in Germany where the French community is very strong. I am very passionate about the French language and culture and love seeing my students make progress and I have been running my own language school in East Lancashire since 2014.